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Trends Ideas

Multiply your access exponentially to what matters - trends, key people, prospects - through select analytic user feedbacks on news development dimensions

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Specialist Features and Content in a Nutshell

Attain a global-view by using algorithmed summary of specialist features

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The Specialists Categorized

Gain efficient access to specialized content providers presented in an evolving category-tree structure

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A Customizable Specialist News-Stream

Follow and benefit collectively from categories, keywords, providers, feeds and Key-Dimensions to maximize your decision-making potential

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The Trend

Detect and value critical-trend developments attained by user Key-Dimension assessments

Unique Value Proposition

Through our macro policy of specialization we provide material benefits to content providers, contributors and consumers

Provides noise-filtered news development recognition through features such as Key-dimensions, Valuations, Processes, My Stream and Exec Sum

Collaborative data-to-knowledge process through conscientious distillation with expertise and editorial input

Obtain specialist interaction trends through data derived from editorially collaborated Platform features and sections

Coverage of global to local content from specialist providers and collaborators

A non-manipulative-algorithm based process; commitment to specialization focus and expertise based editorial collaboration

We are open to be audited by any credible third party in relation to the justice, fairness and equitability of our algorithm systems

The only drive adopted includes modern democratic participation values in terms of policy, economy, markets or business

Complete respect to privacy by restricting utilization of personal data for users' news development related trend recognitions

Underlining in depth specializations of content-providers as well as their coverage of news developments through features such as categorization of specialists (area of provider focus /specialization)

The collaborative structure benefits all Platform stakeholders in terms of generated knowledge and revenue

We honour every contributor with equitable and transparent revenue-sharing as soon as the Platform starts generating income


  • Trends
  • Agendas
  • Processes
  • Key-People
  • News-Events
  • Analysts
  • Providers
  • Reporters
  • Commentators
  • Academicians
  • Insight
  • Interest
  • Revenue
  • Markets
  • Expertise

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